Android Phone vs iPhone: Which is Better?

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What to Choose- An Android Phone or an iPhone???????


This is the Question which most of the individuals have come across before buying a Smartphone. In this blog, I’m gonna discuss differences between Android and iPhone from a normal users’ point of View.

I won’t talk much on Technical Perspectives. I’ll not discuss what is better but I’ll mention some of the good and bad features in both Android and iPhone.


  • Dial pad Suggestions: In an Android Phone if you enter some numbers in the dialpad of your phone, then contact suggestions related to those numbers are shown and you can easily call that person and therefore it saves time. But in iPhone, no suggestions are shown while you enter a number. This is the feature I like in Android and same is missing in an iPhone.


  • Memory issue: Android Phones generally comes with expandable memory Slots and you can insert a memory card from 1 GB to 128 GB depending upon your requirements, but the same is missing from iPhones. No expandable memory slots. For extra memory, you have to pay too much extra.


  • Performance: No Doubt, performance of iPhones are much better than Android Phones. A 1 GB RAM iPhone can work much better than a 3 GB RAM Version Android Phone. This is the reason why most of the People still prefer to buy iPhone 6 in 2017.


  • No Back button in iPhone: Some people who are using Android for quite a long time might face this Problem when they switch to an iPhone. Dedicated back button is missing from an iPhone and some people might not like this. But if you start using iPhones, you can adapt this change.


  • Sensors: One thing I have observed in Android Phones and iPhones that nearly all sensors are present in all iPhone Devices but the same is not in Android. Now Compare two Phones- iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. iPhone 5s costs around Rs.16000 and Samsung C9 Pro costs around Rs.32000. Even the Price of Samsung Phone is higher, no gyro sensor is present in the Phone. Now at this time when Virtual Reality is getting Popular, how Samsung can take a Chance to build a Phone without Gyro Sensor. Also in Samsung Galaxy On Nxt, no compass is given. So, while choosing an Android Phone, you have to read all the specifications carefully to find out what’s there and what’s missing.


  • Less Apps in iPhone: If you go by numbers then Android and iPhones have nearly same number of Apps in their respective Stores and all the famous applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Maps etc are present in both the Stores. But somehow, Google Playstore has more useful apps as compared to App Store of Apple. Call Recorder is one such Application. There are plenty of call recording Apps in Playstore (for free) but in AppStore, no call recording App is there which works fine and almost all are Paid Ones.


  • Hanging and Freezing Issues: Android Phone hangs and freezes too frequently but the same is nearly negligible in case if iPhones. iPhone also hangs but not as frequently as Android.


These are few Differences I observed between the two and now you can choose what’s best for you.

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