Dailymotion- An Alternative of YouTube

Technym dailymotion guide

Dailymotion is the World’s second most Popular Video Sharing Website after YouTube. Like YouTube, Dailymotion also pays Video creators by placing ads on their Videos. As a Creator, you can earn great money from Dailymotion if you have a popular channel on it. In this post, I’ll cover all the aspects of Dailymotion and will also compare it with YouTube.


technym dailymotion guide


YouTube and Dailymotion both share revenues with the creator by placing ads on their Videos. YouTube shares 55% revenue with the creators and Dailymotion shares 70% revenue. Even though the revenue share in Dailymotion is more than YouTube but earnings in YouTube is much higher as compared to Dailymotion.


If you are a new creator and slightly confused between the two, then you must definitely go with the YouTube. YouTube has great popularity than Dailymotion and you can earn more on it as compared to Dailymotion.


YouTube is a product of Google and Google has world’s best ad network Google Adsense. Unlike Google, Dailymotion doesn’t own any ad network and it places Google Adsense Ads on its Website. Therefore, earnings are lower on Dailymotion as compared to YouTube. To learn more about YouTube, you can read my previous post about YouTube by clicking here.


However, if your account gets suspended from YouTube due to any reason or you want to earn more from your Videos then you can definitely try Dailymotion. Creating a channel on Dailymotion is quite simple. Just Sign up with your email address, verify your account, enable Monetization and that’s it. Now start uploading good quality videos and earn money.


Key Features of Dailymotion:


  • Getting a strike on Youtube (Community Guidelines and Copyright) is quite common on YouTube as compared to Dailymotion. Therefore working on Dailymotion can be quite easy.


  • The best feature of Dailymotion is that you can embed your videos on your Website and make earnings from there also. So, basically you can make double earning (from Dailymotion and your Website) from a Single Video.


  • If you have some great Video Content then you can also sell it on Dailymotion. Paid Video Option is available on it.

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