Intel vs AMD: What’s better for You??

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Intel vs AMD: Unbiased Comparison


If you are planning to buy a new Laptop or Desktop PC and confused whether to go with Intel or with AMD Processor then this article is definitely for you. In this Blog, I’ll explain major differences between Intel and AMD and will help you choose one based on your requirements and budget. I will not differentiate with specific models of these brands but will give you overall differences between the two on the basis of three factors:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Performance
  • Pricing


For General Use:


  • If you’re a normal user that requires a Budget Laptop or PC for general day to day usage (like e-mail, social networking, watching movies, little bit gaming etc) then you must definitely go with AMD. Low Range AMD Processors can provide good performance as compared Low Range Intel Processors.

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  • If you want to purchase a long battery life Laptop then you should choose Intel (minimum recommended is i3). Intel provide Amazing battery backup as compare to AMD. AMD Processors consume more Power as compared to Intel Processors. Heating issues can be there in AMD based Laptops.

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  • And if you want to purchase or assemble a Desktop PC within Budget then you can go with AMD. Intel Processors are Costlier than AMD Processors so for general Usage AMD is more than enough.


  • If you have a good Budget and want to buy a high range PC or Laptop then I’ll recommend you to buy an Intel based System because Intel provides much better Performance than AMD Processors at that price range. More options are available in case of Intel Processor while AMD provides limited options at higher Price Range.


For Gaming:



  • If you need a Budget Desktop PC for Gaming, then AMD will be a good Choice because in AMD Processors you can get much better Gaming performance without Graphics Card as compared to Intel Integrated Graphics.


  • You can use GPU with AMD Processors for more Advanced Gaming Performance within Budget.


  • If you have Good Budget and need a PC for much higher end Gaming Performance then Intel is the only option for you. You can use Intel i5 or i7 processors that provide spectacular Gaming Performance.


For Professional Work:


  • If you need a PC for Video Production, Sound Editing, App Development or any other high end professional work then you must go with Intel Processors. You need to choose a high range Intel Processor (minimum i5 is recommended) for smooth functioning of your work.


  • Although AMD processors can be used for these types of work but some lags might be there while the same is negligible in case of Intel.


That’s it Guys…

I hope now you can choose what’s better for you.

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