How to Lock Files and Folders- The Best and Easiest Way


Locking your Personal Files and Folders on your PC is very necessary to ensure Privacy. There are Plenty of File Locking Software available but many of them are Paid Ones. In this Blog, I’m gonna discuss my Favorite Method (Free) to Lock any File (in any format) and any Folder.

For this, I’ll be using Winrar which is present in almost all PCs and if not, then you can download it by clicking here.

After Downloading the Software, Install it on your PC


Now Follow these Steps:

  • Right Click on the File or Folder you want to Lock and Click on “Add to Archive” Option.



  • Now Click on “Set Password” Option in the Dialog Box.



  • Enter Password for your File and Check Mark “Encrypt file names” Option
  • Click OK




  • Click OK and immediately a new locked rar file will generate.



  • That’s it. Your File is now Password Protected.
  • Enter the Password to get access to the File.



Now you can Delete your Original File and keep its locked RAR Copy.

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