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Every minute more than 300 hours of Videos gets uploaded on YouTube and YouTube Processes these Videos and Put Quality Content on the Top. YouTube has predefined Complex Algorithms to process these Videos. No one really Know how YouTube Algorithm works. YouTube updates these Algorithm time to time.

Before Blogging, I was a YouTuber and I have experimented a lot on YouTube by uploading different stuffs and observed few things on it.

Got few Strikes and also earned good Sum of Money.


Here are few of my Tricks that worked well for me:


  • Video Quality: The very First thing I’ll recommend all the YouTubers that always make a High Definition (HD) Video. Minimum Quality of your Videos should be 1080p. I observed that YouTube prefers High Resolution Videos and provide them good ranking. So never Compromise with the Quality of Videos and if you have a 4K Camera or can manage to make 4k Videos, then definitely go with it. It will surely boost your Video Rankings.


  • Title, Tags and Description: Keywords are very important from SEO Point of View. If you are a new creator and your Videos belong to Tech Field then Proper Keyword Research can do wonders for you. You have to find Keywords related to your topic and use them in your Video Title, Tags and Description. Google Planner is a free and most awesome tool to find Keywords. Google Planner is a tool of Google Adwords. You have to sign in to Google Adwords Account using your Gmail Account and go to tools and Click Keyword Planner. Keyword Planner helps in finding the Popular Keywords related to your Topic which you have to use wisely in your Title, Tags and Description. Adding only Keywords in Description is referred as Spamming and YouTube can send Strike on your Channel. Read more about Strikes on YouTube. So, always write sentences in the Description and frame these Sentences using Keywords.


  • Watch Time: If you are a new Creator and having less views on your channel or Videos but having Good Watch Time then YouTube will surely rank your Videos. You need to make Informative or entertaining Videos (doesn’t matter if it is short) that holds the Audience till the end. If that happens then your Video will get amazing watch time and YouTube will consider that a Quality Video and rank it. There is an amazing feature on YouTube i.e Audience Retention. You can use that option to find out, at which point Audiences are leaving your Videos. And then accordingly you can work upon it and make changes in your next videos.


  • Likes on Videos: Always create a Good and appreciable Content so that you easily manage to get likes on your Videos. More likes on the Videos can definitely Rank them higher. YouTube always promote those Videos and these are consistently shown in Suggested Videos.

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