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How to Earn Money from Youtube…

When it comes to making money online, YouTube is the best source. If you work perfectly on YouTube then a good Income can be generated from it. In this Blog, I’ll provide a complete guide on YouTube for beginners where I’ll cover almost all the topics related to this.


Creating a channel

The First and the Basic Step which everyone might be knowing is creating a YouTube Channel which is quite Simple. All you need is Just a Google Account which I’m sure everyone might be having. Visit www.youtube.com and Click on Sign in button and sign in with your Google Account. After Signing in, click on your account icon and click on creator studio. Now you have opened your default YouTube Channel and to create a Channel with another name or to create a second channel, click on settings icon and click on “See all my Channels or create a New Channel” under Additional Features.

After that click on Create a New Channel Button, name your channel and done.


Uploading Videos and enabling Monetization

Now you have to create and upload good quality videos on your channel by clicking upload button. To upload a video click on upload icon at top right side of screen.

Fill all the necessary details like Title, Description, Tags and you can upload a custom thumbnail for your Videos else you can also choose from automatically generated thumbnails.

After everything done, you have to Enable Monetization. When you enable monetization, Google serves ads on Your Youtube Channel.

To enable Monetization-

Click on Monetization tab and check mark all types of Ads given and Click Save. Now you have enabled Monetization.

Now Click Publish to Make Your Video Live on YouTube.


SEO of your Videos

The Most important step after uploading your Videos is optimizing your videos for search engine. This is done by using appropriate keywords related to your Topic of your Video.

Now the Question arises, what are Keywords and how to find them?

Keywords are the words or phrases using which people search  for a particular topic on Search Engines. You can Find Keywords using Keyword Planner of Google Adwords.

You have to use those Keywords in your Title, description and Tags of your Videos. Title can be short but should be expressive. You have to describe your Videos in Detail in Description Box by using Keywords in your sentences. Tags are the Keywords with which your Videos can be searched.

Remember you should not write Tags in your Description Box otherwise it will be considered as a Spam and YouTube will give you a Community guideline Strike.

That’s it, You have now Successfully Uploaded your Video on Youtube and now share your Video on various Social Media Platform to get more Views.


Here are few things you need to Know:

Strikes on YouTube

If you commit some mistakes on YouTube, then YouTube sends Strike on your YouTube Channel. There are two types of Strikes on YouTube-

Copyright Strike:

When you upload Someone else’s Content or copyrighted Content on your YouTube Channel like a song, clip, image etc, then owner of that content can contact YouTube to issue a Copyright Strike on your Channel and that video will get immediately removed from your Channel. So it’s better not to use a Copyrighted Content and Create your own original Content.

Community Guideline Strike:

YouTube has few rules and regulations which every YouTuber need follow. If you break any rule then a community Guideline strike is issued on your Channel. I have written a separate Post for Community Guideline Strike, you can refer here to know more.

Remember, If get 3 or more strikes on your channel within a three month Period then your Google Account will get suspended.

More Subscribers doesn’t mean more Money

There is a common Myth among people that Google pays you based on your Subscribers Count. But this is completely wrong. There is no such thing like this. The truth is that Google serves ads on your YouTube Videos when you enable monetization and you are paid based on the Views on your Videos. Although, subscribers are important for creating good ranking of your channel but it is not directly related to Money.

1000 views=$1 really??

Another myth among the People is that Google Pays $1 for 1000 views. But this is wrong. Google pays based on the ads served on your Videos and number of ads served on each video can vary each time.

Remember one this guys, Youtube changes its Policies time to time, so being a full time Youtuber you need to be updated on What’s New on Youtube.

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